Halifax Ground-oriented Density

Privately-funded research is happening at TEAL Architects on the topic of ground-oriented density in Halifax’s Regional Centre that has changed the Region’s views of its land use policies.

After difficulties developing a two-unit house on North Street, TEAL used GIS technology and existing Land Use Bylaws to review how these difficulties impact the Regional Centre (Halifax and Dartmouth) on the whole. TEAL found that multi-unit low rise zones were largely not being used for their intended purposes of promoting two- to four-unit residential buildings. They were instead encouraging single family houses and the character of pre-1950 streets.

A partnership with the Credit Union Atlantic was formed to create the Home Value Program, which offers homeowners and potential homeowners a complimentary starting consult and financing advice. This can be for those embarking on a renovation or new-build to create a second unit in their home or for anyone assessing to see if there is potential for a secondary suite.