TEAL chimes in on bus shelter design

Our own Ross Grant was recently interviewed by Erica Butler, transportation writer for the Halifax Examiner, regarding the design and function of bus shelters in HRM. Ross says that bus shelters are an opportunity to create interesting, beautifully designed and accessible public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

The article is behind the Examiners paywall and is available here.

Article Preview:

‘The criminal and heartbreaking destruction of dozens of bus shelters in Halifax this month has got me thinking about bus stops, and not just in terms of their potential (or lack thereof) to withstand future attacks.

Along with Halifax Transit’s route network redesign, a new Integrated Mobility Plan setting its sights on bus rapid transit, and a Centre Plan calling for higher design standards in the city, the time is ripe for considering the street-level real estate of the transit system: its bus stops and shelters.

With some care and attention devoted to stops, Halifax Transit could improve rider comfort, increase navigability, market the transit network to new potential users, and even speed up buses.

“Really it’s pretty simple stuff, like offering enough space for the people who are going to be using it,” says Ross Grant, a local urban planner and one of two presenters who talked about bus stops at a Pecha Kucha night devoted to transit in February. “So you don’t put a bus shelter for four people at a stop where there’s 40 people waiting for the bus in the morning. That’s something we have to work on, knowing who’s going to be using it, and designing the stop accordingly.”’