Caroline Caskey

Accreditation M.Arch BEDS
Position Co-Founder

Caroline is currently practising independently as a Designer and Accessibility Consultant. She draws on 35 years of experience in the role of  team member where independent work and communication are integral parts of team results; collaborating with other members when needed, leading group meetings, conducting research and compiling and reporting results, coordinating and delegation of duties. Many skills of a member of medical intense care translate to experience with deadlines and working well under pressure.

Caroline analysis of space and its efficiency indicate a lateral thinker with creative solutions. A long time interest in community, the spaces we inhabit as well as the health and wellness of people in that community drive a priority in the balance of built versus natural environments and the use of and interaction with nature. This interest in architecture, wellness of people and nature lead to a conscious design of balances between buildings and natural landscapes. A healthcare background offered a unique perspective and proves useful in considering user group’s needs in the planning of spaces whether inside or outside.