Caroline Caskey

Accreditation M.Arch BEDS B.N.
Position Partner / Intern Architect / Nurse

Caroline draws on 35 years of experience as a registered nurse where independent work and communication are integral parts of team results; collaborating with other members when needed, leading group meetings, conducting research and compiling and reporting results, client recruitment, coordinating and delegation of duties. Caroline’s healthcare background offers a unique design perspective and proves useful in considering user group’s needs in the planning of spaces whether inside or outside. Caroline’s analysis of spatial efficiency indicates a lateral thinker with creative solutions. She has a long time interest in community, the spaces we inhabit as well as the health and wellness of people in that community. This interest drives her priorities in designing balance between built versus natural environments, and the use of and interactions with nature. In collaboration with other professionals, she has worked on master plans, functional programs, design analysis of existing spaces and has met with user groups to understand their current usage and future needs. Relationships between departments are assessed for potential co-location, natural lighting, comfort and way-finding for all user groups. With ongoing changes in work practices and learning, her approach focuses on adaptability of spaces.