Justin Cormier

Accreditation NSAA M.Arch BEDS MRAIC
Position Architect
Email justin.cormier@tealarchitects.com

Justin grew up in Nova Scotia and has worked for a variety of local architecture firms since achieving a Masters of Architecture from Dalhousie University. Upon graduating he was awarded the American Institute of Architect’s Henry Adams Gold Medal for highest academic standings and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s (RAIC) Honour Roll Certificate. He is an architect who emphasizes simple, modern design through environmentally sensitive and socially responsible practices. He believes that effective communication is fundamental to the success of every firm and every project. As such, he is best recognized for his vivid graphic representation of architectural concepts to colleagues and clients. Since joining TEAL in 2012 he has worked on numerous projects ranging from small scale commercial renovations to multi-unit residential buildings and urban design.