TEAL Architects is a Halifax based firm with a fourfold mandate:


We make contemporary architecture designed to answer clients’ needs while improving community and environment. With each project we aim to maximise the efficiency of municipal infrastructure, use renewable energy, manage waste, and minimise the pollution of air, water and land in Nova Scotia.


We are a cohesive team of creative professionals, each of whom is excellent at his or her role. Our studio is open, collaborative, and responsible. Our aim is for the team to own the firm.


Each of us feels responsible for the quality of the team’s work. We integrate experience in urban planning and design, architecture, environmental studies, landscape design, human health, mathematics, sculpture, building construction and cabinetry. Also, we pursue our interests in biking, surfing, skiing, travelling, music, community service and popular culture in Nova Scotia. We consider clients and other consultants to be members of our team. We work well with authorities and community groups.


We believe value has various forms including money, efficiency, joyful experience, enhanced social relationships and reduced environmental impact. Working closely with clients we look for every opportunity to release latent value in property. Whenever possible, we generate our own projects.

TEAL Architects brings design excellence to the making of environmentally and socially responsible buildings and places from room to region.

In addition to providing architectural services, TEAL is an active member and sustainability ally of the Ecology Action Centre, a partner with the Credit Union Atlantic (CUA) and a partner of the Dalhousie Transportation Collaboratory.




TEAL Architects
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